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Our services are aimed at scientific facilities and innovative businesses or various areas dealing with genetics and microbiology. Learn more about the benefits of outsourcing bioinformatic services

Genetic laboratories

Recent years in the field of genetics involve the dynamic growth of available diagnostic panels, new techniques of prenatal testing and a wide range of possibilities offered by the use of personalized medicine. However, it also involves the need for laboratories to incorporate specialized units focused on processing of data obtained from technologically advanced equipment.

Bioidea can unburden you, so that you can focus on the crucial laboratory stage, while lowering the overhead costs. We can:

  • Conduct the bioinformatic processing of data, from raw NGS files to detailed reports with your lab’s logo for the end client
  • Fully automate your IT processes connected with handling basic diagnostic panels
  • Help you to design and build databases and their access interfaces

Genetic engineering

We are experienced in testing the influence of introduced genetic modification on the characteristics and traits of organisms. We test the influence of changes on the gene expression, we perform comparative and statistical analyses.

Scientific projects

We are fully equipped to help you with all scientific projects that utilize next-generation sequencing. We can assist you as early as in the project planning stage; we will conduct extensive bioinformatic processing of your lab data and help you with the statistical inference stage.