Designing primers

Our offer includes designing primer pairs for PCR, multiplex PCR, RT-PCR and sequencing.

In order to perform the service, it is essential to provide information about the target sequence: the gene name from the UCSC/NCBI database (the transcript number), the chromosome coordinates of the target fragment or the nucleotide sequence. This service includes designing primers for both circular and linear DNA.

In relation to the design of primer sets, e.g., for a group of organisms (bacteria, fungi, viruses), it is essential to provide a list of organisms and indicate the database containing their nucleotide sequence (Silva, GreenGenes, BOLD Systems, UNITE, ViPR or other). In cases where such information is missing, we offer our services to find appropriate sequences.

Designing primers for multiplex PCR additionally involves grouping of primers into pools on the basis of their chemical and physical properties. Our service also involves designing degenerated primers.